As a geographer, I am interested in the natural and cultural diversity of this amazing corner of our planet. I live in Mongolia, the first year, and has already managed to fall in love with all my heart that country!

Most people have at least some idea of ??Mongolia. It is a country of white yurts, nomads and wild eternally blue sky.

In addition to these associations, there are plenty of moldy stereotypes that still scare the tourists from all over the world. The most common question I often hear: "Is there any Internet Mongolia?". Another popular stereotype: the whole population is nomadic and lives only in yurts. The list of such strange conjecture is endless. So, this post I would like to put a checkmate those who still live in the world of stereotypes and fears about modern Mongolia.

on the night Ulaanbaatar Type

Yes, the country of steppes really carefully preserved the culture of their ancestors. Genesis, clothing, food and traditions of this nomadic people passing through the century, included in the modern world without losing their identity. This Mongolia today - it's an amazing blend of tradition and technology: the yurt and skyscrapers, ancient Buddhist temples and street graffiti, traditional clothes and the most expensive in the world of cashmere, vast expanses and high-speed Internet .

The area formerly known as Genghis Khan Square Sukhbaatar

On the territory of Mongolia, all year round mainly sunny days, and the capital is surrounded by mountain ridges. So for me, Mongolia, in the first place, an incredible source of inspiration.

Here, everywhere breathes the spirit of Asia. Eastern slow pace of life, youth street fashion, adherence to traditions, street vendors - all distinctive features of the Asian country. Visit Mongolia stands to see another life, to face harsh Asia, come into contact with exotic nomadic. In addition, you do not have to go a hundred seas of bright impressions, all of them are concentrated in the territory of a neighboring state - Mongolia .

Come to Mongolia steppe hospitality feel now. Visa and border crossing

Feel free to collect the suitcases in the country of the eternal blue of the sky, if you are planning a short-term trip, which period shall not exceed 30 days. Between Russia and Mongolia have long conducted work on the facilitation of the border, and in November 2014 was finally introduced visa-free regime.

Visa is not required in cases where the purpose of the trip is tourism, visiting relatives and friends, business trip. However, you will not abuse the hospitality, so stay in the Mongolian steppes shall not exceed 90 days within six months.

As I write this text, my count of days is also ticking, and coming to an end 90 days of my stay. When I went through customs at last, Mongolian workers politely hinted to me that would be time for me to have to do a visa. Since I am almost moved to permanent residence in Mongolia (you only pick up your Mongolian visa from Russia), I had an active storm the Consulate of Mongolia in Russia. In general, the presence of compelling circumstances (work, study, marriage) is nothing difficult. Those who wish to arrange training, work or private visa for long periods and not so - that addresses the cost of visas .

apply for a visa can be in the following cities: The Consular Section of the Embassy of Mongolia in Moscow (Spasopeskovsky Lane, 7/1); General Consulate of Mongolia in Irkutsk (Lapina str., 11); General Consulate of Mongolia in Ulan-Ude (Profsoyuznaya st., 6); Consulate General of Mongolia in Kyzyl (st International, 9). Honorary Consulate of Mongolia in Yekaterinburg (st. Marshal Zhukov, 3).

According to the official price list of the Government of Mongolia duties sizes are: The entry - exit visa (on one / two times) - 18 USD / 34 USD; Reusable visa - 40 USD; Long-term visa (6 months / 6-12 months) - 53 USD / 106 USD.

Crossing the Mongolian border - it is simple and trouble-free. In my case, Ulan-Ude bus - Ulaanbaatar goes through the international non-stop checkpoint in the town of Kyakhta. It should be noted, will not be able to walk that this item is only for the motorists have to look for the car to pass the border (hitchhiking dedicated fans).

In order to cross the border, only need a valid passport. At the entrance to offer to fill the customs declaration, if you bring the goods and products that require declaration.

What is forbidden to transport (import and export) through the Mongolian border: explosives and radioactive substances; drugs; materials that contain pornography;materials against Mongolia (publications, photos, videos); paleontological and archaeological finds; meat and fish without the Mongolian side permits; metal detectors (in order to prevent illegal excavations and looting of cultural and historical monuments in Mongolia); any kinds of weapons (I took with him his favorite flick knife, which is listed as a melee weapon. After going through the unpleasant 50-minute conversation with a customs officer, I went back into the bus full of disgruntled passengers delayed).

But the rules trafficking of alcohol and tobacco products : Alcohol - not more than 3 liters, besides the vodka not more than 1 liter, 2 liters of wine and beer is 3 liters. Tobacco - no more than 200 cigarettes and 250 grams of tobacco

My advice to fans traveling with pets -. Take a veterinary certificate of international standard. My cat, for example, has been vaccinated and had documents from a private veterinary clinic, but they did not meet the established models, and I had to postpone the pet transportation

Another little life hacking for those who do not like to wait:. Keep close ordinary ballpoint pen. The customs office gives complete a migration card and, as often happens, a lot of tourists, and one handle. It creates a queue and with serious battles for possession of it, and customs officials have fun looking at this view, saying that more pens they have.

So, overcome by an average of 1-2 hours of customs control, my bus stops Mongolian border town of Altanbulag (from Mongolian "golden spring"), where you can eat very well in the cafe of the hotel "Plaza Altan." My average bill has turned out 200 rubles.

Those who cross the air border, pleasantly surprised modern and convenient international airport Genghis Khan, which already introduced the latest technology customs inspection. From here you can get to the most remote corners of Mongolia

Getting there

often told in my childhood:. "The chicken is not a bird, Mongolia is not a foreign country." I understood this phrase as a hint at the availability of nearby countries. Indeed, to get to the neighboring Asian countries will not make much effort. The direct distance between Moscow and Ulan Bator is 4645 km.

In general, there are two variants of the route from Moscow. The first fairly easy, but it's also very boring: Take a plane to Sheremetyevo and after 6 hours of flight to be in Ulan Bator. The second is more fascinating and educational: arrive in sunny Republic of Buryatia, welcoming look in Ulan-Ude, and then take the bus in Ulan Bator. In the latter case, you will be able to get acquainted with the Buryat culture, rooted in Mongolia. There is a third scenario: to land in the city of Irkutsk, visit Lake Baikal, and then settled back on the train from Irkutsk to Ulan Bator


From Moscow to Ulan Bator can be reached. direct flight planes "Aeroflot", MIAT Mongolian Airlines.

«Aeroflot» daily flights direct, the average flight duration of 6 hours. Cost of the ticket in one direction starts from 300 USD (20 000 RUR) and goes up to 3000 USD

I would say that the prices are quite democratic for an international flight, because such flights as Moscow -. Ulan Ude, Moscow - Irkutsk on average, reach the same 300 USD

the company s7 are interesting route with two changes: Moscow - Novosibirsk -Pekin - Ulaanbaatar and Moscow - Krasnoyarsk - Beijing - Ulaanbaatar.. This "merry" traveling in one direction will cost about 800 USD. There are options for transit of Kazakhstan (Ust-Kamenogorsk - Ulgiy) and China (Beijing - Ulan Bator). Chinese version costs 350 USD, and it is only in one direction from Beijing.

Direct flights to Ulaanbaatar are also carried out from the nearby Russian city of Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude. Fly, as a rule, aircraft Mongolian airline Eznis Aairways and "Aeromongoliya".

In any of the options the traveler arrives at the main airport Genghis Khan country.

It is 15 km from the city. To get to the center of better public transport, such as bus fare is less than 0.2 USD, so will a lot cheaper than a taxi (5-10 USD).

More detailed information on the cost of tickets and flight options to your date can be found here.


to come to Mongolia and can be on the train. Train Moscow - Ulan Bator sent from Yaroslavsky Station every Wednesday and Thursday and arrive in Ulan Bator after 98 hours of travel on Monday and Tuesday. By train distance is about 6200 km. Bandwidth rail station is located in Naushki. Cost of the ticket in economy class - 300 USD, in the first grade -. 450 USD

There is also another daily train plying on the route Moscow - Beijing. He passes Jun COE mongoliskiye goroda Sukhebaatar, Darkhan, Ulan Bator, Choir and Erlyani e otpravlyayetsya c Pyekin.p>

Obratitye vnimaniye, na chto tickets myejdunarodnyye trips nyevozmojno priobryesti online, pridyotsya pokupati toliko chyeryez myejdunarodnyye bilyetnyye cash.

Kak Ya pisala vyshye, mojno prilyetyeti Citizens Moskvy e e Petersburg c Irkutsk Ili Ulan-Ude syesti na poyezd. Jyelyeznodorojnyi Station Irkutsk Passajirskii nakhoditsya na ul.7f97eebd950c7d6fe1ee173aa3b76ae4.jpg "/>

Citizens Ulan-Ude vy mojyetye syesti na Irkutsk poyezd. Chyeryez Ulan-Ude prokhodyat vsye vyshyeupomyanutyye poyezda, poetomu gorod schitayetsya pryedpochtityelinoi tochkoi otpravki c Mongoliyu.

B Ulan-Batorye poyezda pribyvayut na Station Ulaanbaatar, kotoryi raspolojyen c 4 km OT glavnoi ploshadi stolitsy. Yesli vy khotitye dobratisya OT vokzala DO tsyentra, prosto pyeryeiditye dorogu e stoya ryadom from avtobusnoi ostanovkoi, prosto podnimitye ruku, chastniki budut rady dovyesti vas DO tsyentra Well tsyeny priyemlyemyye.

Mnogiye vybirayut gostinitsy e khostyely vblizi Samoan vokzala and Taq kak district nyeplokhoi, vsye c shagovoi dostupnosti and e khoti year nyemnogo shumnyi. Odin Citizens otyelyei klassa luxury Naranbulag Hotel raspolojyen c nyeposryedstvyennoi blizosti K vokzalu. Naiti tsyeny na na otyeli vashi daty mojno takjye zdyesi.

Dyeshyevyye outcomes projivaniya (khostyely), sosryedotochyeny povsyudu ryadom from vokzalom. Obratitye vnimaniye na PP, chto c Mongolii sotsialinaya syeti Facebook polizuyetsya nyeimovyernoi populyarnostiyu. U otyelya Ili khostyela mojyet otsutstvovati svoi web-site, no central Feisbukye vy zabronirovati stranichku e smojyetye obyazatyelino naidyetye online. Naiti podkhodyashii dlya syebya khostyel mojno, naprimyer, na Bukingye, a apartamyenty udobno iskati BOT PMO.


Dobiratisya c Mongoliyu avtobusom proshye vsyego opyati GE Citizens Ulan-Ude. Myejdunarodnyye avtobusnyye pyeryevozki e myejdu Ulan-Ude, Ulan-Batorom osushyestvlyayet mongoliskaya kompaniya pyeryevozok Juulchin World Tours. B parquet vsye bus koryeiskiye, poetomu CM dovolino komfortabyeliny: bolishiye raskidnyye kryesla, air conditioning, tyoplaya pyechka c zimnyeye vryemya, no byez WiFi e biotualyeta.

Vryemya Putin zavisit OT vryemyeni prokhojdyeniya tamojni, sostoyaniya dorog, pogodnykh uslovii. B sryednyem poluchayetsya okolo 12-13 chasov. B Putin bus ostanavlivayetsya 5 raz, Citizens nikh toliko odin raz na obyedyennyi pyeryeryv. Tickets Tsyena na c odnu storonu dostatochno privlyekatyelinaya - 1 500 rublyei.

B Ulan-Batorye bus priyezjayet na bus station Dragon, kotoryi nakhoditsya c 7 km OT glavnoi ploshadi. Dobratisya OT avtovokzala DO tsyentra mojno na chyem ugodno: buses, trolley E taxis. Vybiraitye, chto vam komfortabyelinyeye, a Ya vybirayu trolley, kotoryi yavlyayetsya samym dyeshyevym obshyestvyennym transportom.

A tyepyeri vnimaniye, ochyeryednoi laifkhak dlya lyubityelyei sekonomiti! Nastoyatyelino ryekomyenduyu srazu vzyati obratnyi tickets central Ulan-Ude na avtovokzalye, PP yesti priobryesti srazu tickets tuda obratno. Eto sekonomit vam oshutimuyu summu and Taq kak na mongoliskom avtovokzalye tickets Ulan-Bator - Ulan-Ude stoyat dorojye, chyem tickets Ulan-Ude, Ulan Bator. Raznitsa inogda dostigayet 1 000 rublyei e svyazana, kak na SouthGobi obiyasnili cassettes mongoliskogo avtovokzala and gasoline from na raznitsyei base to grow.


Mnojyestvo lyudyei pryedpochitayut putyeshyestvovati na svoikh kolyosakh. Putyeshyestviye c Mongoliyu na sobstvyennoi mashinye Ne pryedstavlyayet osobogo truda. Na granitsye dayut zapolniti standartnyye blanki dlya vodityelyei. Tamojyennyi osmotr prokhodit dostatochno bystro.

Yedinstvyennoye, chto nado uchityvati ETO kachyestvyennaya raznitsa myejdu rossiiskimi e mongoliskimi dorogami. Premier: buses Ulan-Ude, Ulan Bator yedyet CO sryednyei skorostiyu c 90 km / A PP E 100 km / DO pogranposta c Kyakhtye, poslye pyeryesyechyeniya granitsy, na mongoliskoi storonye sryednyaya skorosti Ne pryevyshayet 60 km /. Dyelaitye vyvody Sami, Ya Ne vodityeli, no mogu from uvyeryennostiyu skazati, chto kachyestvo dorog c Mongolii ostavlyayet jyelati luchshyego.

BOT avtomobilinyi route Citizens Moskvy central Ulan Bator, prokhodyashii chyeryez Chuiskii trakt e Altai. Vy Sami mojyetye prolojiti lyuboi route, c zavisimosti OT svoyego myestopolojyeniya.


K sojalyeniyu, Stratan Ne imyeyet vykhoda K moryu. Khotya syeichas mongoliskimi vlastyami burno obsujdayutsya outcomes Arendt kitaiskikh portov na dlityelinyye sroki.